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Whether you are trying to find a restaurant, a caterer, or an entertainment venue, Restaurants in Crystal Lake is the place to start your search!

The Chamber recommended Restaurants, Caterers and Entertainment Venues you need are right here in Crystal Lake!

By doing more business with local stores and businesses you are helping our community.

      • Money spent in our community will go back into it by creating jobs.
      • 68% of every dollar spent locally goes back into our community.
      • Your tax dollars stay locally, going toward public services, better schools, libraries, etc.
      • Local businesses give back to our community.
      • When you do business with one local company you are more likely to shop at an adjacent store or eat at a local restaurant, helping other businesses.

Click on any of the Quicklink boxes below to begin your search of the many highly recommended businesses in our area.

If you were searching Restaurants in Crystal Lake for a business and didn't see it on our list, have them contact us at 815-459-1300 or to get added.

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